Is your agent helping you navigate the complex waters of health care insurance?

For business owners, the implications and unknowns of health care reform are top of mind – and maybe a little troubling. Ongoing changes in healthcare will affect the health plan of almost every employer in America – with potentially expensive implications.

At Norton Financial our group health insurance brokers come armed with the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to assess the needs of your company and your employees. Our professionals work with you to develop a creative solution that meets both your healthcare and financial goals.

Unlike most brokers, our work does not stop with the annual renewal. Norton Financial works with you year-round to proactively analyze your plan and search for more cost effective solutions and opportunities. We keep your employees educated about policy changes, and we clearly communicate the ways in which healthcare reform will affect their benefits.

If your current agent hasn’t been making the effort to keep you up-to-date on health care reform, talked to you about new opportunities, or provided a clear analysis of your plan – then perhaps its time for a new conversation. Perhaps it’s time to talk with Norton.