Human Resources Management functions are increasingly complex and burdensome for small and midsized employers.  In addition to the basics such as employee benefits, payroll, and effective employee management, compliance with an ever-growing list of rules and regulations from both federal and state regulators place a real burden on many businesses.  Norton Financial Services can help.  Whether your needs involve a one-time project or ongoing assistance, Norton can give you the knowledge and resources to help you create and maintain an effective and compliant workplace.

HR Compliance Audits

Norton will provide your company with an on-site, comprehensive HR compliance audit that can identify and correct problem areas before they become an administrative nightmare, or a potential liability.  Our structured approach will reveal both compliance risks and areas of potential improvement.  In addition, we will evaluate whether specific practice areas meet best practices guidelines and/or your organization’s goals.

Norton offers:

  • Personnel File Audits
  • I-9 Audits
  • FMLA Audits
  • FLSA – Wage and Hour Audits
  • COBRA Audits

EEOC Enforcement Guidance (Title VII, ADAAA, ADEA, EPA, GINA)

Employment discrimination allegations have become a risk factor that employers cannot afford to ignore. We believe that the best defense against potential problems is to put in place proactive policies and procedures that foster open, compliant personnel processes. Establishing these policies, training managers and line staff as well as emphasizing the need for consistent practices are core steps that all employers should consider. Norton will assist you in taking steps to decrease your likelihood of being sued…and to increase your likelihood of prevailing if you are.

Job Descriptions

Developing job descriptions can be a lengthy, if not daunting, task for employers. Norton assists companies in compiling detailed and accurate job descriptions by providing a thorough analysis and examining all aspects of each position.

Personnel Policies and Procedure Manuals

Consistent, clearly defined employee policies are vital to creating successful employee relations and effective personnel management. Norton works with you to develop a handbook that is consistent with your values and mission and that meets your obligations to your employees.  We can help you create an employee handbook detailing company policies that set productive standards of conduct, create systems to deal with complaints, and provide consistency in discipline, safety and work rules.  Employees know precisely what is expected of them, as well as what benefits they are entitled to receive.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Norton’s Employee Satisfaction Surveys are fast and easy ways to gather information about all aspects of your work environment and to discover how and where your business can improve.  After all, who understands a company’s strengths and weaknesses better than its employees?  With carefully chosen questions, an employer can get a feel for the happiness, satisfaction and engagement of employees. Norton will work with you to create survey questions that obtain unbiased information and provide reliable results. Plus, we’ll administer the survey in a manner that is considerate of your organization’s culture.