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Fee-Based Investment Management

Our fee-based advisory and consulting services, which we offer through Commonwealth Financial Network, include services for individuals and families, corporate and business, as well as foundations and charities.

Personal Investment Planning

Capitalizing on opportunities to preserve, grow, and transfer your wealth requires the sophisticated guidance of a professional who knows and understands your long-term financial goals. At Norton Financial our independent financial professionals have the depth of knowledge and breadth of professional experience to provide diverse guidance and insight to our clients.

We pursue an in-depth understanding of your financial situation and the personal values you hold as they relate to your investment plan. We work with you to determine your risk tolerance, and we search out suitable investments that can help you to turn your dreams into reality.

Business Investment Planning

Whether your organization is for-profit or non-profit, in today’s economic climate it is important you have all of your assets working to their fullest capacity. This means leveraging investment assets for maximum return and incenting your staff for greatest productivity.

At Norton our unique set of skills allow us to effectively advise clients in both of these areas. Our experience in the investment advisory as well as the employee benefits space puts us among a very few firms who can work with clients on these diverse issues either independently or as part of a combined initiative.

Endowment Investments

Responsible management of institutional assets can be a liability nightmare for board members. At Norton, we assist our institutional clients in developing an investment policy statement (IPS) that is appropriate for their portfolio. We then assist with the placement of those assets in accordance with the IPS. Finally we serve as a steward to the portfolio acting in the capacity of fiduciary.

Our investment management is based on analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. We use a structured objective process in determining which investments to include or remove from your portfolio. While our process is an active management, we frequently use passive strategies when called for under the IPS.

If you’re looking for investment and asset management that is sophisticated, creative, and expertly informed, then perhaps it’s time for a new conversation. Maybe it’s time to talk with Norton.