Home & Renter’s Insurance

Whether you rent or own, your home is your castle and it deserves to be protected. Hint: If you rent, your landlord’s insurance only covers the structure – renter’s insurance is needed to cover your furniture, clothing, electronics and other possessions. The professionals at Norton Insurance understand home and renter’s insurance inside and out, and can help you select the policy that is perfectly tailored to your property and fits within your budget.

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Our agents take the time to understand your home’s unique risks and assets, and ensure that your coverage is as airtight and up to date as possible. They work with you to update your policy regularly and maintain the most comprehensive coverage available. They’ll stand by you when you need to file a claim, and they’ll help you restructure your policy if and your assets change.

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  • A Personal Representative (If you need to file a claim, we handle the paperwork for you)

At Norton Insurance we protect more than just your home – we protect your peace of mind. If your peace of mind is worth protecting, then perhaps its time for a new conversation. Perhaps it’s time to talk with Norton.