Jewelry Insurance

Whether your jewelry has financial value, sentimental value, or both – it’s worth protecting. And in most cases, your precious pieces are not protected by a home or renter’s policy – at least not in full.

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This is because most home and renter’s insurance policies only cover loss (up to a finite amount) due to theft, or damage to the home (a fire, for example). So you could be left unprotected if a stone falls out of its setting in your wedding ring, or you simply misplace your diamond earrings while on a vacation or other outing.

While the sentimental value of your jewelry can never be replaced – if something were to happen to it (lost, stolen, missing diamond, etc.) it would only be salt in the wound to have to shell out thousands for a new one. A jewelry insurance policy (or a jewelry rider on an existing home or renter’s insurance policy) is an easy and inexpensive answer.

To get your jewelry covered quickly, all you have to do is call and you’ll get:

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  • A Personal Representative (If you need to file a claim, we handle the paperwork for you)

At Norton Insurance we protect more than just your jewelry – we protect your peace of mind. If your peace of mind is worth protecting, then perhaps its time for a new conversation. Perhaps it’s time to talk with Norton.