Innovative Personal and Commercial Risk Management Solutions

To protect and preserve personal, business and estate assets, affluent individuals and their families require a unique approach to insurance coverage. Norton’s Premier Client Management Practice is dedicated to helping those individuals properly protect their hard-earned assets.

Norton’s Premier Client Management Practice team begins by identifying our clients’ unique goals and individual needs. Our out-of-the-box, Individualized risk management approach tailors insurance and risk management solutions to fit the unique requirements of each and every client. The result? Norton clients gain more control, understanding and participation in their own insurance program, as well as comprehensive coverage.

How can Norton’s Premier Client Management Practice help you?

  • The Norton team develops a clear understanding of your current personal and/or commercial insurance programs to determine the adequacy of that protection in the event of a serious loss;
  • We evaluate your current insurance policies in relation to your risk profile and recommend changes if your current program is not well aligned with the protection you need;
  • We help you identify the best value – not necessarily the lowest price – for the appropriate level of coverage;
  • Working with Norton Financial, our team addresses your individual disability and life insurance protection to make sure the appropriate coverage is in place in the event that you are seriously injured, fall ill or die unexpectedly;
  • Most of all, the Norton team becomes active and engaged advisors in important decisions regarding the protection of your assets and lifestyle.

Norton’s Premier Client Management Practice services include:

If you want to experience the very best in client service with a creative approach to understandable risk management solutions, then perhaps it’s time to talk with Norton’s Premier Client Management Practice.