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Retirement Plan Third Party Administration (TPA) Services

For over 20 years, Norton has been a leader in providing impartial and unbiased advice to retirement plan sponsors. Our Third Party Administration (TPA) services – together with our suite of consulting and investment advisory services – makes us a single source solution for our clients’ retirement plan needs.
Retirement plan platforms that bundle their investment and administrative services may be appropriate for some. However, Norton Financial Service’s approach allows clients the freedom to select the platform that’s right for them – while at the same time benefiting from both plan design and fiduciary services.

Three Retirement Planning Services: One Point Of Contact

Traditionally, employer-sponsored retirement plans are comprised of three primary components: plan design, the investment platform and related advice as well as record keeping and compliance services. In many cases, a different party provides each of these components. This can result in confusion, redundancy, and wasted resources. Norton Financial Services offers complete retirement plan design and execution as well as compliance testing and reporting – all under one roof.

Custom Plans: One Size Does Not Fit All

By offering Third Party Administration services in-house, Norton is able to provide clients with superior 401(k) and 403 (b) plans, designed with compliance in mind. By providing compliance advice at the front-end of the process, Norton develops plans that help business owners achieve their goals while reducing the risk of unexpected surprises.

Service and Technology: Meaningful Benefits for Your Employees

As experts in the Retirement Plan arena, Norton Financial, offers a high quality retirement plan for you and your employees.  As TPAs we make sure that all of the moving parts of your retirement plan are in synchronized.

Retirement Plan Services

  • Plan Design
    • 401(k) Safe Harbor and Non Safe Harbor plans
    • Matching contribution alternatives
    • Profit sharing allocations
  • Plan Document Preparation
    • IRS approved Volume Submitter Prototype Plan Document
    • Summary plan description
    • Notices and documentation
  • Plan Implementation:
    • Plan communications and education
    • Coordination with sponsor, payroll, accountant and financial adviser
  • Compliance:
    • ADP and ACP discrimination testing
    • Plan and individual limit testing
    • Contribution allocation testing
    • All other required plan testing
  • Administration:
    • Distributions including termination of employment, retirement, death benefits, required minimum and hardship distributions
    • Plan loans, if permitted
    • QDRO assistance
  • Form 5500 Preparation:
    • Signature ready Form 5500
    • Required attachments
    • Assistance with electronic filing
    • Audit and assistance

Health and Welfare Plans – ERISA Compliance

  • POP (Premium Only Plan) Documents
  • Wrap documents and SPDs
  • Discrimination testing
  • 5500 preparation

Consulting Services

  • Plan Design
  • Compliance Issues
  • Special Projects
  • Services available on an hourly basis

Streamline communication, increase efficiency, and reduce cost with Norton Financial’s TPA Services.